I hope the valentines were plentiful my dear. . I hope they were plentiful. .

Happy Valentines day… I know that doesn’t mean anything now but you’ll always be my valentine..


I’m empty and alone…but it needs to be like that for right now. I’m always going to want you, need you, and love you. By no means does this establish that my heart isn’t yours. It simply means that a relationship is something i wasn’t ready for. Hopefully when the world settles i can see that radiant smile of yours once more and be the cause behind it.. maybe you can forgive me one day because I desperately need you in my life. But right now we need to grow for ourselves so we can do things right next time. A fresh start with you would make my life perfect but I obviously don’t deserve it.

        All in an instant everything changes, we leave the past behind and speed towards the unknown….our future. we set out for far away places and we try to find ourselves. the problems start when we refuse to let change happen and cling to old habits. but if we hold onto the past too tight, the future may never come… til death do us part my darling. “No matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter who you end up with…i will always love you.”